After a long period of dormancy I have decided to start writing here again. The main reasons for the mia include major lifestyle changes over the last year and half. I wish I had documented some of the stuff as it happened but life after moving to Singapore has been one surprise followed my other. My notions about a lot of things have changed significantly since last year. Part of that obviously has to do with the exposure to a new culture and several different people I have run into. The larger reason though is the sudden push into ‘real’ adulthood. All of a sudden now I have to deal with opening bank accounts, applying leave for travel, doing my own laundry and paying rent in time.

So why the resurrection?

This blog among other things in my life is going to have a style change. I expect the future posts to be shorter and more commentary like. Inspired by the likes of gwern and Michael Nielsen I had attempted to write long form posts with the goal of adding actual value to the sea of noise on the internet. I have accumalted a few such posts in my draft folder but none were ever able to make it to this blog. I have come to realize that given my current writing ability and habits it is too lofty a goal. Further, I didn’t expect that I would have any desire to write about stuff like travel, culture, people or quantified self. I expected my life to be pretty much the same (read - my eyes glued to the terminal and hands on the keyboard). Obviously, these topics don’t really fit in well in the long form way of writing things. I will still attempt writing long technical posts but a good percentage will now be shorter diary entries and non technical in nature. The technical ones would be in the style of - “learn along with me this stuff I am dabbling in these days”

* Zap * into the new era…

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