Microsoft Code Fun Do - Live Blog

Saturday, 18. February 2017 12:31PM

Participating in Microsoft’s Code Fun Do for the third time with Zibbu. The last time was really fruitful, lets see how it goes this time. Given the batch snaps and screening of first and second years I see fewer people around this time. We have an idea finialized. Will reveal soon.

” I think you are not taking it seriously this time.” - Zibbu

In Background: Dying Lama

Saturday, 18. February 2017 02:55PM

No progresss so far. Got stuck due to crappy internet. Fixed now.

In Background: In Motion

Sunday, 19. February 2017 12:38AM

Got the neural net model working. Now lets learn how to do a queue to handle images as byte streams.

“I don’t know why Electron is performing poorly for our task. We are sticking to node.” - Zibbu

Monday, 20. February 2017 06:49PM

We got the basic pre-trained model working for videos. Example above. Unfortunately we failed to get everything working with Youtube (youtube-dl) in the given time.

It was fun nevertheless.

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