I love Silicon Valley's (HBO) Awesome Online Presence

The last episode was one of the best in a very long time thanks to its non-crisis mood, unlike most others. The Tabs vs Spaces debate was really fun to watch but I was pleasantly surprised when I went to the show’s subreddit for the usual post-episode discussion.

This is what I found.


I am totally awed by the effort they put in to maintain the online presence. Later I decide to send a funny PR to the atari-ai repo and it got merged! This is what my PR had if you are curious.

The online fun does not end here. They even ended up putting a site for the Code Rag blog that was introduced a couple of episodes ago. Check it out at Code Rag

What is really interesting about all that is the attempt they have made to give everything an original feel. If you scan through Winnie’s previous contributions you see that they wrote a script to add the previous contributions, forked repos and now the account is merging pull requests. This is awesome!

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